Key Services

Over the past 34 years, TitleStar, LLC’s focus has been on ensuring property title legitimacy along with issuing title insurance for said properties. However, we continually push the envelope of the real estate industry, finding new ways to guide our clients through their property ownership journeys.


Full-Service Real Estate Closings

TitleStar, LLC represents both home buyers and home sellers on both residential and commercial real estate properties.


After-Hours Closings

Can't squeeze a closing in during business hours? No problem! For a convenience fee, TitleStar, LLC offers after-hours closings to accommodate our clients and business partners whenever need be.


Consulting & Creditor Services

TitleStar, LLC assists clients with foreclosure, title searches, tax searches, and more. This also entails consulting on all aspects of title and closing assistance.


Back-Office Assistance

TitleStar, LLC assists clients throughout the closing process with the goal of helping to increase your profits. Back-office assistance includes document services, lien clearance assistance, and general consulting on all aspects of the real estate closing process. Ask us how to get started.